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Type Broadcast television network
Branding TELE N
Country Venezuela
Availability Zulia State

TELE N was a Venezuelan regional news network based in the western Venezuelan city of Maracaibo in the Zulia State. It could be seen in the entire Zulia State. Reporters and jounrnalists for TELE N were: Ambar Simancas, Andreina Socorro, Ángela Romero, Daniel Pereira, Angélica Villegas, Grace Orta, Henry Ramírez, Hugo Sánchez, Jesús Ramírez, Joandry Monsalve, José Ramos, Juan Carlos Fernández, Juan Garcia, Julio Eduardo Torrents, Katy Ferrer, Mandy Perozo, Laura Ippólito, Dr. Patricia Lubo, María Eugenia Perozo, Mattew Bello, Tahina Villa, Zulbert Marín. After years struggling, the station was sold and it is now operated under a new name and new administration by a Chavez-like party.


The following is a list of the programs saw on TELE N. These shows are news, information, and opinion shows:

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