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TENEX may refer to:

  • TENEX (TEN-EXtended), an operating system for the DEC PDP-10; see TOPS-20#TENEX
  • Techsnabexport, a Russian company specializing in export of nuclear materials
  • Tenex Developers, a software development consulting firm
  • Tenex Software Solutions a company which produces election software.
  • Tenex, a brand name for the medication guanfacine, a sympatholytic used to treat hypertension, ADHD and Anxiety
  • Tenex, a brand name for .22 LR ammunition manufactured by Eley Limited and widely used in high level competition such as the ISSF World Cup and Olympic Games
  • 10X, an alternative name for superfine powdered sugar or confectioner's sugar
  • 10x, internet slang for "thanks"; see wikt:10x

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