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Box set by Throbbing Gristle
Released 2002
Recorded 1976–1980
Genre Industrial
Label Industrial
Throbbing Gristle chronology

TG24 is a box set by industrial music pioneers Throbbing Gristle.

Cassette set[edit]

TG24 was originally released as a cassette boxed set in 1980. The set contained the first of Throbbing Gristle's 24 shows in addition to two C90 cassettes taken from a Throbbing Gristle radio interview. The set was presented in a small attache case with a personalised handmade collage and various autographed pictures.

CD set[edit]

The box set originally was planned to be released with 24 CDs, however orders from included an extra CD. The set contains a total of 26 Throbbing Gristle live performances (IRCD03 has two shows on it). The follow-up boxset, TG+ contains an additional 10 live performances.

Box set includes the following items: certificate of authenticity, wax sealed envelope, two patches, three stickers, four pictures of Throbbing Gristle, four collage prints (1 of 2 made by each member of the band specifically for this release), three button badges and a newsletter with a history of the group and the track listing of the box set.

CD information[edit]

Dates given in Year-Month-Day format.

  1. IRCD02: 1976-10-18 – UK-London – I.C.A. [this includes a hidden track, with parts of radio about 'Prostitution' with Genesis P. Orridge, probably from JJJ Radio, Sydney, interviewer: Bruce Elder, 1978]
  2. IRCD03:
    • 1. 1976-07-06 – UK-England-London – Air Gallery
    • 2. 1976-08-21 – UK-England-Winchester – Hat Fair
  3. IRCD04: 1977-02-11 – Nags Head – High Wycombe
  4. IRCD05: 1977-03-26 – Brighton Polytechnic
  5. IRCD06: 1977-05-07 – Southampton – Nuffield Theatre
  6. IRCD07: 1977-05-22 – UK-London – Rat Club, Pindar
  7. IRCD08: 1977-09-29 – UK-London – Highbury Roundhouse
  8. IRCD09: 1977-11-11 – Winchester Art School
  9. IRCD10: 1977-12-17 – UK-London – Rat Club, Pinda
  10. IRCD11: 1978-02-25 – Brighton Polytechnic
  11. IRCD12: 1978-03-03 – UK-London – Architectural Association
  12. IRCD13: 1978-05-18 – UK-London – Goldsmith's College
  13. IRCD14: 1978-07-01 – Wakefield – Industrial Training College
  14. IRCD15: 1978-07-06 – UK-London – London Film-Makers' Co-op
  15. IRCD16: 1978-12-11 – UK-London – Cryptic One Club
  16. IRCD17: 1979-01-21 – UK-London – Centro Iberico
  17. IRCD18: 1979-04-12 – Derby – Ajanta Cinema
  18. IRCD19: 1979-04-25 – Sheffield University
  19. IRCD20: 1979-05-19 – Manchester – The Factory
  20. IRCD21: 1979-05-26 – Northamption – Guild Hall
  21. IRCD22: 1979-08-03 – UK-London – Y.M.C.A.
  22. IRCD24: 1979-12-23 – UK-London – Butlers Wharf
  23. IRCD25: 1980-02-24 – Leeds – Fan Club
  24. IRCD26: 1980-02-29 – UK-London – Scala Cinema (this CD was only included with orders from
  25. IRCD29: 1980-03-13 – Goldsmith's College

Cassette information[edit]


Release Catalog number Date of performance Audio Set list
At the ICA IRC2 18 October 1976 Stereo Inc. Very Friendly, We Hate You, Slugbait, Dead Ed, Zyklon B Zombie.
At the Air Gallery/Winchester IRC3 6 July 1976/21 August 1976 Mono Dead Ed, Very Friendly
At the Nag's Head, High Wycombe IRC4 11 February 1977 Stereo We Hate You, Slugbait, Zyklon B Zombie
At the Brighton Polytechnic IRC5 26 March 1977 Mono Zyklon B Zombie, Last Exit, Maggot Life, Mary Jane, Record Contract, One Note, One Life, One Purpose
At Nuffield Theatre, Southampton IRC6 7 May 1977 Stereo Industrial Introduction, National Afront
At the Rat Club IRC7 22 May 1977 Stereo Tesco Disco, Fuck Off Cunt, One Pound Thirty Pence Wolverhampton, Goldilocks and the Three Fingers
At the Highbury Roundhouse IRC8 29 September 1977 Stereo Hit by a Rock, Blood on the Floor, You Me Here
At the Art School Winchester IRC9 11 November 1977 Binaural Stereo Dead Head
At the Rat Club IRC10 17 December 1977 Stereo White Christmas, Tesco Disco, Knife in My Side, Urge to Kill, Assume Power Focus, Wall of Sound
At the Brighton Polytechnic IRC11 28 February 1978 Binaural Stereo E-Coli, Anthony, Why does Carol eat Brown Bread?, He's My Friend, Wall of Sound
At The Architectural Association IRC12 3 March 1978 Binaural Stereo Dead Ed, Wall of Sound
At Goldsmith's College IRC13 18 May 1978 Stereo IBM, It's Always the Way, Hamburger Lady, Dead on Arrival, Wall of Sound
At The Industrial Training College IRC14 1 July 1978 Stereo IBM, Family Death, Cabaret Voltaire, Industrial Muzak, Hamburger Lady, Slugbait, Mother Spunk, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Whorle of Sound
At the London Film Makers Co-Op IRC15 6 July 1978 Stereo IBM, new After Cease to Exist Soundtrack, Hamburger Lady, Mother Spunk, Five Knuckle Shuffle
At the Crypt Club IRC16 11 November 1978 Stereo Whistling Song, Tesco Disco, E-Coli, High Note
At Centro Iberico IRC17 21 January 1979 Stereo Persuasion, Day Song, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Wall of Sound
At Ajanta Cinema IRC18 12 April 1979 Stereo Weapon Training, Eee Ahh Oooh, Convincing People, Chat Up, Hamburger Lady, Day Song, Persuasion, Five Knuckle Shuffle
At Now Society IRC19 25 April 1979 Stereo Weapon Training, Convincing People, Hamburger Lady, Chat Up, Day Song, Persuastion, Five Knuckle Shuffle
At the Factory IRC20 18 May 1979 Stereo Weapon Training, See You Are, Convincing People, Hamburger Lady, His Arm Was Her Leg, What a Day, Persuasion, Five Knuckle Shuffle
At Guild Hall IRC21 26 May 1979 Binaural Stereo Wall of Sound, No Bones, Ice Cool Down, They Make No Say, Hamburger Lady, Day Song, Saw Mill
At the Y.M.C.A. IRC22 3 August 1979 Binaural Stereo Convincing People, Hamburger Lady, Still Walking, Persuasion, Day Song, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Wall of Sound
At Butlers Wharf IRC24 23 December 1979 Binaural Stereo Gloria Leonard, Six Six Sixties, An Old Man Smiled, Anal Sex, Chariot and Galley
At Leeds Fan Club IRC25 24 February 1980 Binaural Stereo Six Six Sixties, Subhuman, The World is a War Film, Something Came Over Me, Don't Do What You're Told Do What You Think
At Scala Cinema IRC26 29 February 1980 Binaural An Old Man Smiled, Subhuman, The World is a War Film, Something Came Over Me, Don't Do What You're Told Do What You Think
At Goldsmiths College IRC29 13 March 1980 Side A is Binaural Stereo, Side B is Stereo An Old Man Smiled, Russ, Subhumans, Heathen Earth, World is a War Film, Don't Do What You're Told Do What You Think


Release Catalog number Audio Content
Cassette A IRCA Binaural Stereo TG radio interview
Cassette B IRCB Binaural Stereo TG radio interview

1 Hour Sample[edit]

Previous to the release of the TG24 boxset, a sampler titled TG24 1 Hour Sample was released for promotion. The CD was available via Mute Records carrying the dual catalogue number: IRCD--/PTG60CD. The CD was compiled by Olivier Cormier Otano and edited on Pro Tools by Anne Carruthers.

Release Cover Release Information
align="left" 1 Hour Sample
  • Catalog number: PTG 60 CD
  • Track listing:
  1. Nags Head Intro/Persuasion/Fed Up/Something Came Over Me/Dead Ed – 30:03
  2. An Old Man Smiled/What A Day/Hamburger Lady/(electro instrumental)/(What A Day intro)/We Hate You Little Girls/Dead Ed – 29:56

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