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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) ANSI/TIA-942-A Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers[1] is an American National Standard (ANS) that specifies the minimum requirements for structured cabling work defined in TIA/EIA-568, and is often cited by companies such as ADC Telecommunications[2][dead link] and Cisco Systems.[3][dead link] The standard was updated with an addendum ANSI/TIA-942-A-1 in April 2013 from the TR-42.1 Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Subcommittee, the formulating group that oversees development of the standard.[4] The Telecommunications Industry Association does not offer certification programs or certify compliance to TIA standards. In many cases, there are other organizations and consultants that can provide those services. However, TIA does not certify these organizations or consultants. This is similar to how organizations like ISO operate where they rely on Certification Bodies to ensure that there is oversight over organizations performing such activities.

On October 15, 2015, the TIA TR-42.1 Subcommittee voted to start the revision process of ANSI/TIA-942-A. The standard will undergo updates during 2016.[needs update] The new version of ANSI/TIA-942 which will be labelled as ANSI/TIA-942-B has been released in July 2017.[needs update]

The ANSI/TIA-942-B specification references private and public domain data center requirements for data center infrastructure elements such as:

  • Network architecture
  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical systems
  • System redundancy for electrical, mechanical and telecommunication
  • Fire safety
  • Physical security
  • Efficiency

As of August 2019, TIA has released an accreditation scheme for TIA-942 audits. TIA has laid down specific criteria for organizations who wish to conduct 3rd party external audits. Once fulfilled they will be authorized as a CAB - Conformity Assessment Body. The program is administered by Certac (www.certac.org). Data centers conforming to the TIA-942 standard will be listed on the website; www.tia-942.org


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