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Developer(s) Tomlab Optimization Inc.
Stable release
2.1 / 26 Mars 2007
Development status Active
Written in LabVIEW 7 and 8 (FORTRAN, C)
Operating system Windows 32+bit
Size 27 MB (Windows)
Type Technical computing
License Proprietary
Website TOMVIEW product page

The TOMVIEW[1] Optimization Environment is a platform for solving applied optimization problems in LabVIEW.


TOMVIEW is a general purpose development environment in LabVIEW for research, teaching and practical solution of optimization problems. It enables a wider range of problems to be solved in LabVIEW and provides many proprietary solvers.


  1. ^ Backlund, Mats; M. M. Edvall; B. Holmström (November 2006). USER’S GUIDE FOR TOMVIEW - LabVIEW - The Base Module (PDF). 1260 SE Bishop Blvd Ste E, Pullman, WA 99163, USA: Tomlab Optimization Inc. 

External links[edit]

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