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TUFESA is an inter-city bus line owned by Autotransportes Tufesa S.A. de CV operating in Northwestern Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. The company has a fleet of several hundred buses consisting of Volvo 9700's and Irizar i6 buses. TUFESA has routes covering several major cities in California, Arizona, and Utah,[Las Vegas,Nevada]in the U.S. with TUFESA International, and Baja California, Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit and Jalisco in Mexico with normal TUFESA buses, although TUFESA International does offer routes to major Northwestern Mexico cities. TUFESA's buses vary based on what service the customer opts for. If you buy a basic economic ticket on the standard "Plus" service, you will most likely ride a Volvo 9700 Luxury. If you buy a higher-class ticket, you'll get an Irizar i6 coach. TUFESA also operates a parcel shipping service called TUFESA Paqueteria. It is used to ship packages that are too big to be classified as travel luggage. Packages shipped by TUFESA Paqueterias are put into the luggage compartments of buses headed to the package's destination.


TUFESA[1] was founded in 1994 in the Mexican state of Sonora. At the time, the company consisted of a single bus exclusively for local workers. The company then expanded to public intercity passenger transport.