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TU Media Corp.(SK telink)
Industry Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Founded December 2003 [1]
Headquarters Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Suh Young-Kil (CEO)
Parent SK Telecom
Website http://www.sktelink.com/jsp/main/main.jsp

TU Media Corp. is South Korea's first mobile broadcast service company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Its name stands for "TV for you." It was established in 2003 as a subsidiary of SK Telecom. SK Telecom owns 44% of the company's shares. Currently about 1.3 million people are subscribers to the service.


TU Media Corp. provides services on the Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (S-DMB) network with full coverage for Korean peninsular.

In April 2006, in preparation for the 2006 FIFA World Cup service was made available along the entire KTX rail system; providing a high quality reception at a travelling speed of 300 km/h.[2]

On May 25, 2006, TU Media opened its service in the Busan Subway system.[3]

TU Milestones

  • 2001 Sep. Applied for the registration to the ITU Satellite Network(by SK Telecom)
  • 2002 Nov. Established Wireless Test Center(Seoul)
  • 2003 Sep. Signed a contract with Japan’s MBCo for joint possession of DMB satellite
  • 2003 Dec. Established TU Media Corp.
  • 2004 Feb. Completed Broadcasting Center
  • 2004 Mar. Successfully launched DMB satellite called ‘Hanbyul’
  • 2004 Dec. Acquired satellite DMB business license
  • 2005 Jan. Began pilot satellite DMB service
  • 2005 May Launched commercial satellite DMB service with 7 video and 20 audio channels
  • 2006 May Offered 12 video and 26 audio channels
  • 2006 Dec. Reached 1,020,000 subscribers
  • 2007 Apr. Launched a data channel for traffic information
  • 2007 Sep. Offered 18 video and 20 audio channels
  • 2008 Feb. Reached 1,300,000 subscribers
  • 2008 Jun. Offered 21 video and 19 audio channels
  • 2008 Jul. Reached 1,400,000 subscribers[citation needed]

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