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TV Sports Basketball is a 1990 computer basketball game for the home computers. It was developed by Cinemaware and published by Mirrorsoft for the Amiga, DOS, Commodore and TurboGrafx-16.[1] It is part of the TV Sports series that included TV Sports: Baseball as well as other games based on hockey and American football.

Cinemaware later re-released the game as freeware.[2]


The game features five-a-side basketball matches. Players can either play against computer (controlling the players or a coach) or with another person (in versus or cooperative mode). When playing the human could choose to control the same player during the whole match or the one currently in possession of the ball.[3]

The game shows a vertical view and has no NBA license.[citation needed] The in-game perspective is from half-court. When the ball crosses half-court, a short cutscene plays showing the players running to the other side of the court as the game transitions to the opposing basket.


Computer Gaming World said that TV Sports Basketball had good sound and graphics, and favorably noted its four-player option.[4]


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