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Taşbebek (The Doll) is a 1934 Turkish-language opera by Ahmed Adnan Saygun. It was one of a group of operas commissioned by Atatürk as part of his cultural transformation.[1][2]


  1. ^ Günsel Renda, C. Max Kortepeter - The Transformation of Turkish culture: the Atatürk legacy- 1986 Page 81 "These plays were distributed among three composers, who were commissioned to write the scores: Taş Bebek (Doll) to Adnan Saygun, Bayönder (The Leader) to Necil Kazim Akses and Bir Ulkii Yolu (An Ideal Way) to Ulvi Cemal Erkin.
  2. ^ The Music magazine/Musical courier - Volume 164 - Page 32 1962 "Saygun's second opera, again a piece d'occasion for the anniversary of Atatürk's first visit to Ankara, was called Tax Bebek (The Doll). The libretto, by Miinir Hayri, is based on the Turkish tale of a dollmaker and the love story of the heartless "