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Taarbæk Harbour

Taarbæk is a Copenhagen suburb. The village covers approximately 0.5 km2, located between Jægersborg Dyrehave and Øresund in the Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. The population is estimated to 1700 residents. Traditionally Taarbæk was a fishing village, but nowadays the village is inhabited by people from the middle or upper class. Taarbæk is named after a former village called Torsbæk, which was located just north of where Taarbæk is today. Despite the small size Taarbæk has its own school, church, port, tennis club, water skiing club and football club. The water skiing club is among the best in Denmark. The football club Taarbæk IF, is one of the oldest football clubs in Denmark, founded on August 23, 1908.

Taarbæk was and still is home to the famous priest Thorkild Grosbøll.

The giant container ship Emma Mærsk is home-ported in Taarbæk.


The fishing village was originally called Torsbæk. Two Englishmen gave the village its own school in 1821. The area to the south of the village was built over with summer residences when Taarbæk developed into a spa town in the middle of the 19th century.[1] Taarbæk Church was built in 1864. It originally belonged to the parish of Kongens Lyngby. Taarbæk Harbour, with room for 70 small boats, was built in 1865. The area to the north of the village, Ny Taarbæk ("New Taarbæk"), developed in the 1880s.[1]


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Coordinates: 55°47′14″N 12°35′28″E / 55.7872°N 12.5911°E / 55.7872; 12.5911