Tafelberg, Suriname

Coordinates: 3°54′30″N 56°10′20″W / 3.90833°N 56.17222°W / 3.90833; -56.17222
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Highest point
Elevation1,026 m (3,366 ft)
Coordinates3°54′30″N 56°10′20″W / 3.90833°N 56.17222°W / 3.90833; -56.17222
LocationSipaliwini District, Suriname
Parent rangeWilhelmina Mountains

Tafelberg (literally "Table Mountain") is one of the highest mountains in Suriname at 1,026 metres (3,366 ft). It is a tepui and is part of the Tafelberg Nature Reserve. The mountain is in the Sipaliwini District. The Rudi Kappel Airstrip, former name: Tafelberg Airstrip, is nearby.[1] In 1943, the mountain was climbed for the first time by the Coppename River expedition led by Dirk Geijskes.[2]

Notable disasters[edit]

  • Suriname (Kingdom of the Netherlands) In 1944 US Air Force Captain Atkinson while on a reconnaissance flight over the South of Suriname, had to make a crashlanding on the Tafelberg. Fortunately he was rescued after a few days by a military search and rescue expedition.
  • Suriname (Kingdom of the Netherlands) On 25 October 1968 a Douglas C-47A PH-DAA of KLM Aerocarto flew into the Tafelberg following an engine failure whilst on a survey flight. The aircraft collided with the mountain in cloud, killing three of the five people on board.[3]


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