Taga Taisha-mae Station

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Taga Taisha-mae Station (left) and torii

Taga Taisha-mae Station (多賀大社前駅, Taga Taisha-mae-eki) is a railway station in Taga, Shiga, Japan. It is the closest station to Taga Taisha, one of the most famous shrines in Shiga.



Because the station is at the end of the Taga Line, it has two platforms, both Takamiya Station bound.


  • 1914 The line opened to this station
  • 1925 The track was electrified
  • 1998 Taga Station had its name changed to Taga Taisha-mae Station

Stations next to Taga Taisha-mae[edit]

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Coordinates: 35°13′35″N 136°17′03″E / 35.226440°N 136.284073°E / 35.226440; 136.284073