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Tage Nielsen (16 January 1929 in Frederiksberg – 23 March 2003) was a Danish composer. He studied with Rued Langgaard[1] and worked for Danish Radio as well as being a professor at the Danish Academy of Music.[2][3][4]

Works, editions and recordings[edit]

  • Giardino Magico: Il giardino magico. Passacaglia. Konzertstuck for piano and 11 instruments. Jean Thorel


  1. ^ Fanfare - Volume 13 Page 306 Joel Flegler - 1989 "..1929), who has had only two piano pieces recorded until now. Tage Nielsen studied with Langgaard in Copenhagen, and his worklist goes back to 1947; yet he has been involved with radio work, teaching, and administrating since 1951,"
  2. ^ John Henderson A directory of composers for organ 1996 "Nielsen T. b.1929 Denmark - Tage Nielsen, a mainstream composer who has worked for Danish Radio, is a professor at the Danish Academy of Music. For organ he has published Toccata 1951 and Divertimento "Marker og enge" 1971 [DAN]."
  3. ^ John David White, Jean Christensen New Music of the Nordic Countries 2002 Page 31 "Tage Nielsen (1929- ) During all of the changes in the post-1960s music, a number of composers and musicologists were instrumental in restructuring laws, implementing programs and building audiences. Tage Nielsen was a model example "
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