Tahuya River

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Tahuya River
Country United States
State Washington
Counties Kitsap, Mason
Source Tahuya Lake
 - coordinates 47°33′32″N 122°50′6″W / 47.55889°N 122.83500°W / 47.55889; -122.83500 [1]
Mouth Hood Canal
 - coordinates 47°22′13″N 123°3′5″W / 47.37028°N 123.05139°W / 47.37028; -123.05139Coordinates: 47°22′13″N 123°3′5″W / 47.37028°N 123.05139°W / 47.37028; -123.05139 [1]
Location of the mouth of the Tahuya River in Washington

The Tahuya River is a stream in the U.S. state of Washington. It originates at Tahuya Lake in western Kitsap Peninsula and flows south, emptying into Hood Canal near the Great Bend.[2]


The Tahuya River originates at Tahuya Lake, west of Green Mountain and northwest of Gold Mountain. Tahuya Lake is fed by two principal streams, Tin Mine Creek and Gold Creek. From the lake the Tahuya River flows south and slightly west. Panther Creek, flowing from Panther Lake, joins the river. Numerous small streams and wetlands drain into the river. Near Hood Canal the river flows becomes braided as it flows through a wetland-dominated valley. It broadens into a muddy bay as it enters Hood Canal near the town of Tahuya.[2]

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