Tai-an Station (Taichung)

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Taiwan Railways Administration
TRA Tai-An Station Panaromic.jpg
Tai-an (New) Station
Location Anmei Rd, No. 37
Houli, Taichung
Operated by Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA)
Line(s)      Taichung Line (142)
Distance 169.7 km from Keelung
Platforms Single island platform
Structure type Elevated
Other information
Classification 簡易站 (TRA level)
Opened September 24, 1998

Tai-an Station (Chinese: 泰安車站; pinyin: Tài'ān Chēzhàn) is a railway station on the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Taichung Line located in Houli District, Taichung, Taiwan. The current elevated station is not the first Tai-an Station nor is located at its original site. Due to the re-routing of the Western Line, the TRA closed the Tai-an Old Station on the Old Mountain Line and keeps it as a tourist and historical facility while transferring the actual transportation service to the new station.


Tai-an Station is an elevated train station, and the ticket vending machine is placed on the ground floor, and passengers go upstairs to the fifth floor to take the train. There is an elevator for use by those who are physically disabled. An island platform is located between the tracks at the station.

Platform layout[edit]

East Mountain Line Southward
Island Platform, door open right of driving direction.
West Mountain Line Northward


As a minor station, Tai-an Station is primarily serviced by Local Trains (區間車). A few times per day a Chu-Kuang Express (莒光號) or a Tzu-Chiang Limited Express (自強號) stops at the station.

Nearby stations[edit]

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toward Zhunan
Taichung Line
toward Changhua

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Coordinates: 24°19′52.5″N 120°44′30.7″E / 24.331250°N 120.741861°E / 24.331250; 120.741861