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Taint may refer to:

  • a wine fault, such as cork taint, ladybird taint or phenolic taint, producing undesirable odors or tastes in bottled wine; especially spoilage that can only be detected after opening the bottle
  • Contamination, the presence of a minor and unwanted element (a contaminant)
  • Infection, the colonization of a host organism by parasites
  • Perineum, the region of the human anatomy between the genitals and the anus
  • Taint (legal), the quality of illegally obtained court evidence
  • Taint checking, a feature of some programming languages that prevents unauthorized users from remotely executing commands on a computer
  • Tint (archaic)
  • as a proper name
    • The Taint (or Doctor Who and the Taint), a novel written by Michael Collier and based on the British television series Doctor Who
    • Taint (band), a sludge-metal band from Wales