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Gate of Takayama Jinya

Takayama Jinya (高山陣屋?, Takayama Jin'ya) is a former government outpost that was established in order to bring the Hida Province under the direct control of the Edo Bakufu (Shogunate). It was established in what is currently Hachiken-machi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture.


The building originally belonged to Lord Kanamori, ruler of the Hida Takayama Han, who used it as his villa. However, after the Bakufu Government sought to bring Hida under its direct control in 1629, it was rebuilt by Ina Tadaatsu and served as offices for the local deputy administrator. After 1777, it became the local government office.

After the Meiji Reformation, the building was used as Takayama prefectural offices. In 1929, it was designated as an historical landmark, but continued being used as public or prefectural offices by a number of public entities until 1969. As the only remaining building of its kind, Takayama Jinya is now under protective ordinances as an historical asset and has been restored almost entirely to its original Edo Period state.


Gate of Takayama Jinya (left side)

The main building was reconstructed in 1816, and remains intact today. The earthen store houses, which were originally constructed at Takayama Castle, were relocated to their present place in 1695. The roofs of the buildings are covered in several different styles (e.g. noshi-buki, kokera-buki, and ishiokinagakure-buki), but all of these methods utilize wooden shingles. It is thought that this is due to the fact that the Hida region received a lot of snow and was a production center for timber, and compared to clay tiles at the time, which were easily worn down by snow, wooden materials were more readily available.

The grounds and building are open to the public for a fee, and there is information about the history of the building during the Edo Period displayed inside.

There is a farmer's market (jpn. asaichi 朝市) held every morning in front of Takayama Jinya, along with a farmer's market held on the banks of the Miya River.


The Ippon-sugi Hakusan Shrine, which is located in the same area of town, celebrates the Jinya Inari. Because this shrine does not house any festival floats, it does not participate in the bi-annual Takayama Festival parade. Visitors can see other festivities (e.g. traditional lion dances) hosted by this shrine at Takayama Jinya during the spring Takayama Festival.

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