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Take 40 Australia is Australia's first and longest-running music countdown, produced by Authentic Entertainment.

The show is currently hosted by Angus O'Loughlin and Ash London.

The Take 40 Australia brand encompasses radio, online, and television. First hitting the airwaves in 1984, Take 40 Australia was hosted by Barry Bissell for 20 years, until he passed the presenting duties to Andrew Günsberg (also known as "Andrew G") in 2004. Günsberg hosted the show from 2004 until November 2009.

In November 2009, Günsberg was replaced by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. Sandilands left the show at the end of 2011 and Jackie hosted the show solo until 2013.

In August 2013, Angus O'Loughlin replaced Jackie O as host.

In February 2014, Ash London was announced as co-host of the show joining Angus O'Loughlin.

It is based on the ARIA charts, which have been published weekly by the Australian Record Industry Association since 1988.

"Take 40" has released a series of compilation albums over the years in conjunction with Australia's major record companies. The first compilation called "Take 40 Australia #1" was released through Mushroom Records in September 1991.

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