Tales of Mystery

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Tales of Mystery
Genre Horror
Presented by John Laurie
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 29
Producer(s) Peter Graham Scott
Running time 25 minutes
Original network ITV
Original release 1961 (1961) – 1963 (1963)

Tales of Mystery was a British supernatural television drama anthology series based on the short stories of Algernon Blackwood.[1] It was broadcast by ITV (Associated-Rediffusion) and ran over three seasons from 1961-1963. Produced by Peter Graham Scott, each episode was 25 minutes long and introduced by John Laurie (as the author himself). None of the 29 episodes broadcast survive in any television archive, however.[2]


Season 1[edit]

  1. The Terror of the Twins
  2. The Promise
  3. The Man Who Was Milligan
  4. The Tradition
  5. The Empty Sleeve
  6. Accessory Before The Fact
  7. The Woman's Ghost Story
  8. Decoy

Season 2[edit]

  1. Confession
  2. Chinese Magic
  3. Max Hensig
  4. The Man Who Found Out[1]
  5. Nephele
  6. Ancient Sorceries
  7. Deferred Appointment
  8. The Pikerstaffe Cast
  9. The Telephone
  10. The Call
  11. Wolves of God

Season 3[edit]

  1. Old Clothes
  2. The Doll
  3. Egyptian Sorcery
  4. The Damned
  5. The Second Generation
  6. A Case of Eavesdropping
  7. Petershin And Mr Snide
  8. The Lodger
  9. The Insanity of Jones
  10. Dream Cottage


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