Talha ibn Tahir

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Dirham of Talha, minted in 824.

Talha ibn Tahir (طلحة بن طاهر) (died 828) was the Tahirid governor of Khurasan from 822 until his death.

In 822 Tahir ibn Husayn, who had taken control of Khurasan the previous year, died. According to some reports, the caliph Al-Ma'mun at first supporting replacing him with Talha's brother Abdallah ibn Tahir al-Khurasani, but the latter was occupied with rebels in Al Jazira, so Talha was confirmed as governor of eastern Iran instead.

Talha's rule is mostly known for his campaigns in Sistan, another province under his rule, against the local Kharijites, who were led by a Hamza ibn Adharak. Fighting between the two continued until 828, when both Hamza and Talha died. Talha was succeeded in his post by his brother Abdallah.


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Preceded by
Tahir ibn Husayn
Emir of the Tahirids
Succeeded by
Abdallah ibn Tahir al-Khurasani