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I have compared the content of this article with the linked article on the Japanese Wikipedia page and found some differences. In particular, according to the Japanese article, ōryōki is the set of bowls and utensils, and there is no reference to the use of the word ōryōki to refer to the practice of meditative eating (this is not given a name, and simply called "meals using ōryōki". I suspect that this reflects a difference in usage between Japanese and English: in Japanese, ōryōki has the mundane meaning of a set of utensils (this is consistent with the suffix -ki meaning "utensil" or "instrument") and when the word was brought into English, it acquired the more profound meaning of the related ceremonial eating practices. My edit is mostly a change of emphasis. The information I have added is not supported by sources other than the Japanese Wikipedia, but since Wikipedia policy is to be bold in making edits, I have made them anyway, so that others can decide whether to keep them. (talk) 04:09, 9 January 2017 (UTC)