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Akshardham Disambiguated[edit]

Akshardham is certainly a crucial concept in Hindu as well as Swaminarayan philosophy. But this word is also famous for two temples.
It is a wikipedia policy to create Disambiguation pages for such words who have more than one meaning.
Hence an Akshardham Disambiguation page is created.
I think this is a fair justice to both meanings of Akshardham. Uday 07:17, 8 June 2006 (UTC)

Please place Akshardham complexes in Delhi and Gandhinagar on disambiguation page[edit]

The articles for the complexes in Delhi and Gandhinagar should be placed on the disambiguation page, as most will attempt to search for more information about these locales via the term "Akshardham," not "Akshardham temple," as it is currently listed.