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I don't think what is mentioned here about the spherot is correct. From my understanding the four worlds correspond with the 4 lower spherot (when you consider Zier Anpin as one) and also correspond to the letters Yud, K, Vav, K. Therefore, Olam Atzilut corresponds to Chokmah, Olam Briah corresponds to Binah, Olam Yetzirah to Zier Anpin and Olam Asiyah to Malchut. No? Rmisiak (talk) 21:58, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

You're on to something. The article here confuses different understandings of the same object or topic. It would be better to have a short definitional section, followed by what it means to each religion or school of thought. --Daniel E Romero (talk) 21:38, 5 February 2012 (UTC)