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Toothpaste dispenser history[edit]

I would like to explain a little bit about um-550 engine what is different from x-paste in england.

invented the world first "automatic toothpaste dispenser engine" called " Pascal engine" not using any electric power for the automatic operation. 

The reason why I contact you is to know the possibility whether I can have a business relationship or not in the future. I would like to introduce who am I if you are pleased to hear that. I think My invention product, automatic toothpaste dispenser is not a product that you are dealing now but I think you may think it could be a now product when you can consider it will be a new good item in your business product. My company website is in korean.

Let me explain a littel bit what is a competitive difference in my engine from the available similar toothpaste dispenser products in the worldwide market in terms of the product technology. For your information regarding to the current good toothapste dispenser products, one of the best company product is "X-Paste" dispenser in english brend. the website is My dispenser has a very strong competitive market price and assures an excellent quality guaranttee. Now I can supply 50,000 units per month with a delivery of 30 days to FOB Korean port. My invention dispenser is quite defferent from the x-paste'one. My dispenser's engine so called as a pascal engine which is not a pump is not a same as x-paste pump. It creates and maintains a very strong vacuum for a long time inside the engine when it operates that prevents from the hardening the inside materials. The engine was patented in Korea and an international patent (PCT). The application covers from the toothpaste to shampoo and any liquids like water, Rinse ect. I have many different models in the engine from the attached photo engine (um550E) and "I" type engine aleardy developed etc. If you are interested in the marketing and sales in the worldwide market, I would like to have a cooperation with you. For information, here is the product specification of um-550. You can imagine the engine of um550 size comparing with the coin size (22 mm in diameter) as attached photos' The principle of the patent is based on so called " pascal's principle " in the condition of the closed space in the liquid machanism.

The dispensing quality is perfect like no regidue remained after dispensing every time and 99% toothpaste in tube is dispensed completely. Also the dispenser's engine can be used in the shampoo and any liquid and rinse too in the application. I think you can use the um-550 engine in your product that is, the shampoo and rinse dispenser. For your information, I have two models ; um-150 ( 317 (L)x55( H)x70( W) and um -550 ( smaller : 90(L)x80(H)x70(W) in mm.

   The difference in um-150 is to insert the brush inside the hole to dispense the toothpaste out.
                              um-550 is to use one finger to push the button while another handed brush is positioned  at the spot  located bottm. in Korea

Contact No, +82-16-301-8354

E-mail :

If you have any question, Pls. let me know to help you anttime.

Sincerey Haward Ryu /udson/ceo

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