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The given example seems overly technical and complex for a basically simple concept. I even have trouble picturing what he is talking about, and the "solution" to the problem seems unrelated to the topic. The article is about what "backdriving" is. I don't think the proper way to avoid backdriving in a single highly technical scenario is really relevant to the topic. I think we need a better example, one that is more basic and everyday, with less technical lingo. I'm not sure if it applies, but is using engine braking an example of backdriving? Rather than using the engines crankshaft to provide torque to the transmission and axle, the transmission is applying torque to the crankshaft, which is applying resistance? I'm not sure if that counts, as the engine is never actually driven in reverse, but it still seems as though there must be a better example..45Colt 22:31, 26 August 2014 (UTC)