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Another one of these largely fictional MNLA sourced "battle" articles[edit]

Unlike some of these, there was an AFP report and an Africa Intelligence on this -- what appeared to be -- raid or fight during defection. The listing of casualties is fictional, comes from the Paris MNLA web supporters who have a record of rampant fictionalization. While this should probably all be removed for having no sources, I'm not going to since I know reliable sources exist. Folks who maintain these things should google it. I am going to remove the "we destroyed two tanks with our 200 attackers" things in the infobox. This is utter fiction. The MNLA rarely fielded more than a few dozen fighters at any place or time, despite their claims. They also say they shot down a Mig. This stuff is about as likely -- and more importantly for Wikipedia purposes -- completely without any neutral third party documentation.T L Miles (talk) 15:23, 13 March 2013 (UTC)

  • I agree with you but even the Malian government says there base was attacked, I agree that casualty and loss reports are probably way over-exaggerated cause if 30 soldiers were killed and tanks destroyed in one day there would be more information about this English articles. The Malian army says only five of their soldiers were slightly wounded and a few MNLA fighters were killed in a minor skirmish, but they at least mention it which would make your point that its completely fictional wrong.EthanKP (talk · contribs) 7 April 2013