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Can't merge this into an article on homeostasis because it says little to nothing about homeostasis, that is, the process of maintaining equilibrium levels. In fact, it doesn't even say what the equilibrium levels are. What I was looking for, and did not find, was some notion of the total quantity of lipids in the blood, and the quantities of the various blood lipid components. I'm also looking for a description of what aspects of blood lipids are commonly measured, but there isn't even a link from this article to the article on lipid profile. I don't know whether the HDLC in a lipid panel tells the quantity of HDL, the subset of HDL that carries cholesterol, or the quantity of cholesterol carried in HDL, and I can't find an explanation anywhere on this website. It would even help to know what fraction of total HDL carries cholesterol and what fraction carries other lipids. This kind of information is not readily available on the WWW. Needless to say, this article "needs the attention of an expert." Sorry if I'm being excessively critical. Marty39 (talk) 23:17, 23 October 2011 (UTC)