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Social aspects

The added control offered by boost controllers has been used by some of the more mechanically-minded street racers as a way to interfere with less experienced opponents. The more experienced racer will tell the less experienced one that the more PSI of boost they put on, the faster the car will go; however, in reality, in most non-diesel engines having over 16 psi of boost actually reduces performance and increases the risk of a blown exhaust manifold.


I'd delete that, but I don't have the balls. Its pointless fluff, practically unrelated to the article.

Major revision[edit]

I did some serious revising and additions to the article today.

I replaced some warnings about air/fuel ratios being directly affected by boost controllers and such with a general warning at the end of the article with regards to modifying cars. The previous blub isn't always necessarily true, especially of modern cars with smart mass air flow based computers, or even speed/density computers which should be plenty smart to add fuel with higher airflows. I have no idea what the whole voltage thing and oxygen meters had to do with boost control. I don't think it was at all related and wasn't appropriate. Oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust and should be properly calibrated to do their job within any reasonable circumstance, and within the confines of their intended use.

Added several pictures.

I'd also like to move the article to "boost control" rather than call it "boost controllers" since the article now covers generires any hole cutting or is particularly complex. It is no worse than running the vacuum line through an existing grommet in the firewall. I left it, however, since manual boost controllers are often setup either in the engine or cabin depending on if the user wants to be able to adjust it on the fly.

I also heavily modified wastegate. Since the two are very interrelated, I ended up going on a frenzy on both. Both should interlink well and flow together without unnecessary overlap while also providing a lot more information. --Freonr2 04:42, 12 August 2006 (UTC)