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Old talk page post[edit]

Regarding White Terror: "Although the King and his ministers opposed the violence, they were ineffectual in taking active steps to stop it."

If the King was so opposed, why did he not halt the violence? The logical inference is that he tacitly supported the elimination of his political enemies. To wit, means and opportunity (White Terror) are coupled with motive. Logically, Louis 18 condoned the violence. "The King and his ministers opposed the violence" does read into historical fact (White Terror happened) an assumed state of mind.

Flag of the Kingdom[edit]

The French article about the flag of France (fr:Drapeau de la France) says explicitely that the de facto national flag of the Kingdom of France was a simple white flag - the lily banner was only used in presence of members of the royal family except the King: When he was present, the white flag had been hoised. To cut a long story short: Please do not insert the lily banner (Pavillon royale de France.svg) anymore, it's the wrong flag here. Louis88 —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:33, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

Neutrality & Factuality[edit]

Hi. This article is factually inaccurate and contains a non-neutral point of view.

  • "The ensuing period is called the Restoration, following French usage, and is characterized by a sharp conservative reaction and the re-establishment of the Roman Catholic Church as a power in French politics." (Conservative ??Catholic Power??)
  • "Louis was forced to grant a written constitution, the Charter of 1814" (forced ??, I don't think so)
  • "However, the assassination of the Duc de Berry, the ultrareactionary son of Louis's ultrareactionary brother" (Was Berry Ultra-reactionary??)
  • "Chamber of Deputies ultimately felled the conservative Bourbons." (who? Which member of the family?)
  • and etc.

(Jack1755 (talk) 13:31, 6 July 2009 (UTC))

It is a fact that the Restoration was a conservative regime and granted greater political power to the Catholic Church. Berry was an ultrareactionary. And the "conservative Bourbons" refers to the dynasty - Charles X, specifically. Yohan euan o4 (talk) 19:44, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

I beg to differ, Sir. -- Jack1755 (talk) 18:48, 8 September 2009 (UTC)

Okay...where is it said that it isn't a conservative regime? Yohan euan o4 (talk) 18:31, 9 September 2009 (UTC)
"The period was marked by a constitutional monarchy of moderate rule (1816–20), followed by a return of the ultras during the reign of Louis’ brother, Charles X (1824–30)." -- Brittanica. -- Jack1755 (talk) 11:30, 11 October 2009 (UTC)

This article is horribly skewed with not even a pretense of neutrality. The title should either be changed to "Napoleonic Propaganda," or else, the article needs a complete re-write. As a source of useful information, it is practically worthless. Lorzu (talk) 05:29, 12 February 2012 (UTC)

re: Flag of the Bourbon Restoration[edit]

despite what User:Louis88 had said about the White Flag being the Only national Flag of the Kingdom of France during the Restoration... the website of Flags of the World ( suggests otherwise; and as a rule i suggest we follow the professionals in the FOTW and not the french wikipedia. --Oren neu dag (talk) 22:53, 26 August 2011 (UTC)