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I think this is very short. Can someone make it longer?

(Hebrew denotation)[edit]

what does the word "Carmel" mean?

The word "כַרְמֶל" (Ca-râ-me-l) can be found in the Bible, in Leviticus 23:14 and i.e. in Joshua 12:22 as is written ATM in this article and means "fertil" or "green" (ears of grain) or "vineyard" (planted fresh or green) since countains no "אֵל" (el) that means "a god" like for example in Isaiah 44:10. The word sould be someting like (Hebrew: כַּרְמִיאֵל‎, lit. Ca-râ-me-i-el or Caramie'el or Karmiel) to have in one word the meaning "God's Vineyard". --FlorinCB (talk) 13:49, 4 June 2014 (UTC)
   ([rant on] Sloppy speech is a natural and adaptive human trait. Sloppy writing is a vice, elevated by internet chat-media into a custom. Sloppy writing in Wikipedia articles is a tolerable convention, since anyone can usually compensate for a colleague's rushed ("If i don't call attention to it right now, i won't remember to later, and who knows how long before anyone does! But someone will sooner or later grasp my intention and bring it to fruition. Even if it is annoyingly later.")
   But talk pages don't get proper curation. except occasionally from the OCD community. TBC.
--Jerzyt 14:46, 7 September 2017 (UTC)