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Contested deletion[edit]

Comedic Journalism also know as satire journalism has been a new revolutionary form of developing and commenting the news. In this way, social media has a way of saying the truth of what is really happening in the world, mostly about politics. There are multiple shows such as "Last Week Tonight" presented by host John Oliver, comments on politics, journalistic topics and more. It is very interesting how with the pass of the years, journalism has found more ways to present the news and to present certain messages to the audience. Comedic Journalism as means, being one of them, presents the news in a truly form. Thecontent is also more realistic. This Wikipedia article is well written and summarizes everything there is to know about Comedic Journalism, also known as Satire News. This page should not be speedy deleted as an unambiguous copyright infringement, because... User is a student and first time editor - as am i (and i am the teaching assistant for the course form which this article was derived). IF there is copyright violation, would it not make more sense to notify - and better yet point out an example for the student - so as to allow themr the chance to rectify the error --James.p.McKee (talk) 03:41, 15 December 2011 (UTC)