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GA Review[edit]

There are quite a few issues that need resolving before this can passed as a GA. I'm going to put it on hold, hopefully you can get it all fixed up. So, some general notes;

  • Per WP:NFC#Audio samples, the captions of the audio samples used need to be more descriptive, and they need some relation to what the article talks about.
  • The references all need help with formatting. {{cite web}} is useful if you're not that familiar with any referencing style. The most important thing is that you list essential information (author, date, publication, title, URL, access date (last two for online stuff only)) and that it's consistent.
  • Check for dashes (per WP:DASH) throughout.
  • It sometimes refers to her as "Delta" and sometimes as "Goodrem" - be consistent.

These are all pretty general things; if they're all resolved I'll take a look at the prose. Leave me a note on my talk if I forget to take another look after you've replied. Cheers. —Giggy 11:03, 30 July 2008 (UTC)