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GA Review[edit]

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Looks to be an excellent candidate but needs a little bit of work. The article is well organized and enhanced by very nice illustrations germane to the topic. The layout is pleasing and well thought out. The language is unclear in spots. I'll highlight those (or fix them) below.

  • This article uses a lot of hardbound references which I will take on good faith. I am familiar with (and have a copy of) M,Y,J which he cited for much of the material. In general the article complies with the consensus requirement for scientific citations when writing about general knowledge (for a knowledgeable reader) which is available in a standard reference like M,Y,J.


  • The lead had one inaccurate statement regarding the operating frequency. Transmission line theory becomes important when the physical size of lumped elements become a small fraction of the operating wavelength, not visa-versa as was originally stated. I fixed this.

With some reworking by myself and User:Materialscientist I think the lead is now in good shape. It provides a good concise introduction to the topic and well cited. Some wikilinks to relevant topics have been added.

Basic Components[edit]

The article appears to use some terminology I am unaware of. E.g. track where one would normally (in the US) use trace or line depending on the context. From the British spelling I take it the user is not from the US so this may be simply UK jargon.

Low-pass filters[edit]

The topic is covered comprehensively and the illustrations germane and helpful. References are adequate. Some slight rewording was necessary for clarity.

Bandpass filters[edit]

This section, while adequate, would be an area for future expansion. Suggested topic areas would be the tradeoffs between BW and coupling loss, obtainable Qs for various PCB materials, etc.

The sub topics are well covered and the illustrations on point and helpful. Good references are provided. Some slight rewording was necessary for clarity.

High pass filter[edit]

No problems in this short (because there's not much to say) section


A valuable contribution to the encyclopedia and recommended for promotion to good article status

Reviewer: JPatterson (talk) 21:07, 15 February 2010 (UTC)