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I understand that this entry has been removed because the text entered was copied from a source that appears to have been already on Wikipedia, although under a different heading. (smart system)

Anyway, anything I rewrote would naturally be based on the same facts, some which I knew, some I didn't. So it's still copying.

The primary purpose here was to make this entry, orginally under Swedish Entrepreneurs where it should be, even though I noticed on making the entry that the Alweg entry does name him.

I could just make the entry and link to Alweg and let that be the main data perhaps, and maybe come up with some additional information if I think it should be entered afterwards, but I don't see any point in just rewriting what is already there, but under "copyright".

Alternatively, I could ask the Alweg poster if they have a problem using their text under this entry also?

Please advise.

PS. In case it's relevant, I came across this "omission" of Wenner-Gren when browsing a list of Swedish entries and realized he should be there, and the reason for my interest is that I knew him when I was a young boy, but that's another story.

Hi. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are saying. I am not aware of the other source to which you are referring; no copyrighted material should be on Wikipedia. I will try to explain; also, I assume that you (Lindroth) are the same person who initially created the article (, perhaps before you had registered (due to 65's previous comment here, which you erased).
Initially, you wrote an article, which it appears was directly copied-and-pasted from It is a violation of copyright law to use anothers copyrighted work; you cannot just copy someone else's writing without giving attribution. They "system" caught it in the sense that another alert user noticed the copyright violation and flagged the article as a possible copyright violation. However, four minutes later, it appears you removed the copyright notice and restored the article; this may have been done accidentally. Some time later, I came along and noticed that the article was using copyrighted text; when I checked the history I saw that someone had already flagged it but that the notice had been removed. I then restored the notice. That is why the text was removed: because it appears to have been copied from another web site, not because it appears somewhere else on Wikipedia (if it does, please let me know; we cannot have copyrighted text here).
In regards to "Anyway, anything I rewrote would naturally be based on the same facts, some which I knew, some I didn't. So it's still copying.", I suppose it depends what you mean by copying. It certainly is not copying in the sense of copy-and-paste that I've been using. Nor would it necessarily violate copyright. See Wikipedia:Copyrights and especially the section on using copyrighted works from others.
Please do not just create an article with an external link; it will be quickly deleted. I would definitely encourage you to write additional content. I'm sorry you don't see the point of writing your own original work, instead of just copying others'. However, that's what Wikipedia is all about. I do hope you will decide to contribute, since you appear to have a good interest and knowledge on this subject.
And yes, you may ask the author or copyright holder of the article on the external web site if he or she would mind releasing it under the GFDL as described in Wikipedia:Copyrights. If so, you can document it on this talk page and the article will be restored. I know this is confusing; please read the copyrights section so you understand these issues, and then we can answer any further questions. Also, it is considered good form to sign your comments using four tildes like this: ~~~~ — this will add your username and a timestamp. — [[User:Knowledge Seeker|Knowledge Seeker দ (talk)]] 05:01, 30 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Thanks for the reply. To answer your question re the deletion of the flag, yes I did that initially but because I did not understand what it meant and thought that I had made an error as it was my first submission.

As to the copyright, I had been given that material from another source and my earlier search of Wikipedia did not find it, for whatever keyword typing reason.

Why don't we just start this again?

Please delete the text for the Dr. Axel Lennart Wenner-Gren (leaving the entry if possible) and I'll come up with some other commentary instead, but I presume it's OK to use internal links to the Alweg listing where the current text is duplicated?Lindroth 14:27, 30 Nov 2004 (UTC)

I am afraid we are having some miscommunication; I don't fully follow you. When you say you got the material from another source, that is why it is a (potential) copyright violation. All material on Wikipedia should be either your own original contribution, or work that the copyright holder or author is willing to release under the terms of the Gnu Free Document License. It certainly is all right to use internal links to link to other articles, but I unfortunately do not know to which article you are referring. Are you saying there is somewhere else on Wikipedia with the same text that you put in the original article? If so, could you tell me the name?
I think starting over sounds good; however, I have no power to delete the article. What normally happens is that it will be reviewed—probably not for another week at least. If it is judged a copyright violation, then the original page will be removed and the contents of the temporary page (which you've been working on) will be put in its place. If it is not judged a copyright violation, the original page will be restored. Does this make sense? Please see Wikipedia:Copyrights for more information. — [[User:Knowledge Seeker|Knowledge Seeker দ (talk)]] 08:59, 2 Dec 2004 (UTC)
I didn't realize that the temporary page redirects to Axel Wenner-Gren. That's probably a good thing, since that name is probably more consistent with the naming of articles after people on Wikipedia. Go ahead and continue to work on Axel Wenner-Gren, and don't worry about this page for now. If it gets deleted, the redirect on the temporary page should be moved here (or you can create it once the original content is removed). If not, the original page will be restored. — [[User:Knowledge Seeker|Knowledge Seeker দ (talk)]] 09:02, 2 Dec 2004 (UTC)