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  • Revamp taxonomy diagram
  • Illustrate general process of both public and private-key encryption.

I believe that the first three words regarding cryptography have it backwards. Cryptographic protocols are a subset of encryption, not the other way around. Where, before computers, the distinction wasn't instructive, it is now. When I was provided the hyperbolic phrase, cryptographic encryption, it had a dissonance, because it was in the past redundant, and today, plain wrong. Encryption is the larger matter, various cryptographic schemes are a subset. But to simply re-write that, In encryption, cryptography etc etc does a huge injustice to clarity.

Perhaps, Cryptography is a manner of encryption which employs an express protocol intended to...

Maybe there can be a phrase to modify protocol, so we don't encrypt this revised definition. But this needs a discerning eye because physics and computer geeks are misusing this term by the second. ----