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Kunming Boyichuang Technology has dedicated in image technology equipment research and development since 1990s, and has been in the leading position in this area.

At the beginning of this century, we have made a technical evolution, bringing out a new generation of multi-functional printer. it can print on any materials you can find, such as acrylic, metal, PVC, glass, plastic, organic board, PVC, leather, rubber, marble, special paper, T-shirts, metal, wood, film, and porcelain. It turns to the new page of multi-functional printer.

Our printer adopts high definition data programming, infrared scanning and precise position technology. Among them, any other companies can't reach our achievements of precise position and high resolution image. Another, low failure rate and long durability make our printer suitable for industrial production. Because of these advantages, we take up the market rapidly as soon as it is introduced. It is concerned as a 'dark horse' in the imaging technology and equipment field and is spoken highly of by customers. it is also called 'sunshine printer' in the 21st century for its friendliness to the environment and high adaptability.

[[(contact us: msn: ; skype: byctechnology)

Customers are always in our first place. We are glad to be your guider and cooperator in your business and investment. Let’s pursue the dream and go ahead for success together!

Our principles: We refuse any one-off transaction. Credit is our life.

What we offer you are not only the machine but also the techniques, opportunities and fortune.

We scrupulously cling to business rule: there is no process in business, only result. your satisfaction is the result we pursue.

We believe that after-sale service is our obligation. the strong research strength, the powerful production capacity and perfect consumables supply system, all of them ensure that we can provide you with the perfect after-sale service.