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A sequence containing itself?[edit]

The definition in the introduction is: In mathematics, a fractal sequence is one that contains itself as a proper subsequence.

It is true, but it is not specific enough to define a fractal sequence, since it is a property shared with the Thue-Morse sequence, which is not a Fractal sequence (in the sense of the rigorous definition given in this article).

Generally, the relation between Fractal sequences and sequences that contains themselves as a subsequence could be detailed a little more.

One can notice that every infinitive sequence contains itself as a proper subsequence. So, what is the use of the specific definition of a fractal sequence, and what are the properties of these sequences? Is it only a funny mathematical object, or is it connected to some important topic?

Moreover, the term proper used to describe the subsequence needs clarification.

Clément Pillias (talk) 13:39, 13 November 2008 (UTC)