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Why it should not be deleted: it's an important international festival. It's not an advertisement, it's a non-commercial, free entrance festival (supported by art-foundations, because of its international quality). Comparable festivals are on wikipedia (like: Transmediale, Club Transmediale, location C-base and Ars Electronica. Also comparable to some Dutch festivals like: Impakt Festival, de-Affaire, State-X, TodaysArt. I agree that this is not a perfect article. I've studied how to make a first article, and would like to ask for improvements, type-errors and help on how to improve this page. Further, the article complies with the Notability-notes of a wikipedia page and its content is verifiable.

No, it doesn't. Try providing some references so the content can be verified. (talk) 03:06, 6 August 2010 (UTC)