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It has been suggested that this article be merged into Geotechnical engineering. I very much disagree with this suggestion. The term Geotechnics existed before the term Geotechnical Engineering. It is true that geotechnics and geotechnical engineering have similar definitions. However, engineers have chosen to use the term Geotechnical Engineering instead of Geotechnics to describe their field. Engineering Geologist have always used the term geotechnics to describe the geotechnical aspect of their field. By merging the definition of geotechnics into geotechnical engineering, you would essentially say that geotechnics is not part of engineering geology, since in most States, geologists can not practice engineering without being a PE. However geotechnics is considered part of the practice of engineering geology in those States that regulate engineering geologists. The term geotechnics was coined by geologists, and we use the term more often than engineers do. If geotechnics is merged anywhere it should merged with Engineering Geology. Essentially, Geotechnics is a Geology word, and for anyone to assume otherwise implies some lack of knowlege of the history of the term. The term Geotechnics is a stand-along term in most geology and geotechnical engineering glossaries, and should be a stand-along term here on Wikipedia. The definition which I have provided is accurate, with adequate references, and I have provided links to both Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology if the reader would like additional information. Wikipedia is about providing information, not limiting it. The only reason to merge Geotechnics into Geotechnical Engineering is to define ownership of the term to engineer. Wikipedia should not be about "turf" warfare, but rather about providing information to the public.

-Geohumphrey 22:31, 13 June 2007 (UTC)