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This article relates to weather data, products, or instruments.

Dave will you update the page with this info (Satellites?)

Cheers craig Craig.donlon (talk) 13:14, 26 January 2009 (UTC)

2009/1/26 David Poulter <>

   I think these pages are controlled by robots. I have seen several cases of pages being constantly reverted to earlier versions by 'automatic' users.
   The best way to deal with this, as I understand it, is to use the discussion tab for the pages in question - most of the editing robots will leave the page alone if it is being discussed. In fact, that tab page is probably the appropriate place to have this conversation!
   One more thought... the GHRSST and SST pages are nearly orphaned as you will see. Also note that someone has recently added pages for most of the earth observing satellites. If we can link the SST and GHRSST pages to the appropriate satellite pages we should all benefit.
   P.S. Happy new year by the way!!
   On 25 Jan 2009, at 17:49, Armstrong, Edward M wrote:

> If it is “controlled” by someone, I don’t see the point in updating it if they are deleting or modifying comments. We need to find the source. > > > On 1/24/09 5:24 PM, "chelle gentemann" <> wrote: > > > That is odd! > Maybe you could use wikiscanner to find out who is editing the page? > Chelle > > > At 09:12 AM 1/24/2009, wrote: > > Thanks Ed. the Wiki SST page is 'controlled' by someone as everytime I add something about GHRSST, ESA or change the page in any way, this person removes it all and keeps the page 'just as they like it'. a real pain in the A** > Craig > > 2009/1/24 Armstrong, Edward M < <> > > Hi: > > This is the page Craig is referring too. > > > > Also see > > > > Funny with this wiki business but in the sea_surface_temperature page I'm sure I recognize a paragraph I wrote or co-wrote a decade ago; although I have no effort in creating that wiki page. Someone must be trolling the internet for information ! > > > > On 1/23/09 2:27 PM, " <> " < <> > wrote: > > Hi all: > Hope everything is OK. I came across this wikepedia page on GHRSST and wondered if anyone wants to add their bits to it? It was written ages ago and is in need of a little TLC. Perhaps you caould ass a few sentences on the GHRSST components that you work on and link it into the encyclopaedia properly? > > all the best > Craig > > >

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