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An English-language source I consulted corroborates most of this but gives a different date for the torpedo attack:

"The Greeks also had the war's only submarine, the French-built Delfin, which became the first undersea boat to fire a self-propelled torpedo in action. In the attack, on 22 December 1912, the Delfin targeted the Ottoman cruiser Mecidiye from a distance of 800 meters, but the torpedo missed the mark."

From: Sondhaus, Lawrence (2001). Naval Warfare, 1815-1914. Routledge. pp. p. 220. ISBN 0415214785.  In any case might be worth adding as an English-language source to corroborate the "first torpedo" claim. --Delirium 06:05, 21 October 2007 (UTC)

The different date results from the discrepancy of the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Greece used the Julian system until 1922, so there is a difference of 13 days. I am however including the reference. Thanks! Cplakidas 18:22, 21 October 2007 (UTC)

The Greek WP says that this happened on Nov. 21st, ([1]) which is 13 days before Nov. 9th, as if the latter is the old calendar and Nov. 21 the new. But this is not sourced.--Euzen (talk) 09:37, 29 October 2012 (UTC)


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I moved it back. Well done for being bold, and please continue to be so in the future, but in this case, as per Wikipedia:Naming conventions (ships), the article was correctly titled in the first place. Kind regards, Benea 13:46, 21 October 2007 (UTC)
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I'm translating the page for it. wiki... 85 knots sumberged is correct? --Zerosei (talk) 10:10, 29 April 2013 (UTC)

No, obviously not. Someone mistyped, it should be 8.5. Good catch! Constantine 10:29, 29 April 2013 (UTC)