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Highpoint or "high post"?[edit]

I recently learned this knot is actually ABOK #1809. Ashley calls it a high post hitch, a name unfortunately shared with another quite distinct hitch (#1810) he suggests for a similar purpose -- although the latter knot is tied in the bight. The "high post" in question is a piling or tall mooring post at low tide where the boater would be significantly below the knot and require a reliably releasing hitch then positioned far overhead.

I posted a query to the original author of this article about his choice of names and whether it is something that could be cited in order to provide a way of differentiating the naming of these two knots. However the user has been inactive for several years, so I don't necessarily hold-out much hope there. If a source could be found, it's actually not a bad name -- and a good alternate name would be useful here to differentiate it from #1810. If no source can be identified, I'm confident that explanatory text in the article can address the issue.

Also, there is nothing in the ABOK entry regarding its alleged security improvements over the buntline hitch, so that stuff may need to go if another source cannot be identified. --Dfred (talk) 00:28, 23 February 2012 (UTC)