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This article appears to be thinly disguised advertisement for, the only entity to which there is an external link.

The post below indicates that the authors of the present version have tried to delete references to other practitioners. (Ironic, for an article purporting to be on ethics!)

AndriesduToit (talk) 11:47, 7 October 2013 (UTC)

Talk:Integrity Management

I would like to have my contribution to the development of Integrity Management represented on this page. In 1997 I wrote what I called the Integrity Management Methodology and did try to enter this Under Pioneering Organisations in this section on Integrity Management. The text was as below;

"In Australia Synergy Management Solutions was one of the first consulting services firms to offer specialist knowledge around IT outsourcing, helping client organisations achieve maximum performance from their outsourcing contracts through commitment to integrity in stated objectives, benefits and delivery. Susanne Moore, Synergy's founder, wrote and published the Integrity Management Methodology™ in 1997, updating it numerous times over the course of the company’s work on projects in Australia and South East Asia through to 2010."

When I went back to edit the text with a website reference I mucked it up a couple of times and got an error message. Now the text has been deleted along with the other information that already existed under the Heading Pioneering Organisations.

Whilst I am not at all worried that this has been deleted, I would like to have my contribution to the field of Integrity Management recognised as I completed my methodology in 1997, way before it seems to have become popular. Further, I used this methodology (and published sections of it) in consulting engagements and within my own company, Synergy Management Solutions. My company closed in early 2010, however the methodology was written by me prior and I am now in a position to start expanded it further, hence the I don't have a reference page to Synergy Management Solutions, only to myself,

I hope someone can assist so at least I have a reference as an external link or similar. I have always had Integrity Management trademarked here in Australia and have recently registered a domain name

Thankyou (Susannemoore (talk) 00:38, 11 August 2011 (UTC))