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POV and other issues[edit]

Many POV issues[edit]

In order of occurrence:

  • one of the most beautiful handicrafts in the country,
  • admirable artists
  • sweet Guaraní language
  • Itá is known and regarded as the city's "pitcher and honey"
  • Quotation:

Visit and tour of the market, tourism gastronomic seafood meal on the market only in the country for its flavor and characteristics.
In San Blas Craft Center located on Route I, in the city centre, is the permanent exhibition of pottery, ceramics Guarani-Hispanic, pitchers, blankets and other excellent work.
Residents also engaged in the manufacture of beautiful cloth dolls.
The lagoon Itá, "Acosta Ñú Martyrs " which has never dried, is a very peculiar place.
In the Cerro Arrúa'i cave is a mysterious and beautiful resorts on the Arroyo Paranambú.

  • Quotation:

The potter, Rosa Brítez, declared, for their wonderful work, "Potter of América."
The great ceramists Juana and Julia Isidrez (...)

Other issues[edit]

  • The article is obviously written by a non-native speaker, resulting in many peculiar sentences.
  • Lack of sources.

Bertux (talk) 09:35, 16 May 2010 (UTC)