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Something is missing[edit]

  • James Duff, 4th Earl of Fife (1776 –1857) "On 17 April 1811 he succeeded his father as fourth Earl Fife, and as lord-lieutenant of Banffshire, and returned to Britain, after being made for his services a knight of the order of St. Ferdinand.
  • "The Queen has been pleased to grant unto Sir Edward Brackenbury [(1785–1864)], Knt. a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, Knight of the Royal Portuguese Military Order of the Tower and Sword, and Knight of the Order of St. Ferdinand of Spain, of the second class, Her Majesty's royal licence..." (London Gazette 28 December 1838).[1]
  • François Achille Bazaine (1811–1888) "Knight of the Order of St.Ferdinand of Spain" (Source text copied from the DNB)
  • à Beckett, Arthur Martin (1812–1871): "His professional services were duly recognised by the Spanish Government of the day. He was created a Knight of the Order of St Ferdinand of Spain (2nd class), and received also the remarkable honour of a cross (Calatrava) for gallant conduct under fire in the field-doubtless when in the sedulous and brave performance of his duties as a surgeon."

What is the relationship between "Knight of the Order of St. Ferdinand of Spain" and "Laureate Cross of Saint Ferdinand"? -- PBS (talk) 06:59, 4 January 2012 (UTC)