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Hey, this is not a place for storing original documents. If you want to summarize the document or discuss its importance, that is fine. If you want to quote small portions of it, that is also fine. But to put the whole document here is less than fine. Danny 01:10 Feb 13, 2003 (UTC)


Question: I deleted this mandate text from a related article, and the person who posted it decided to move the text to here. Originally I was going to delete it from here too, but then I thought I'd take a look at United States Declaration of Independence, and I noted that that article contains the full text of that document. So my question is if the full text of that document can be in Wikipedia, why shouldn't this text? Mintguy

I don't think that should be there either. We had a problem a while back with someone who kept putting in speeches by various members of Congress about fifty years ago about why the world is really Prussian. There too, the texts were removed. There can be links on the page linking to the full text, but having the full text without any interpretation or understanding of its significance would be ridiculous. There is no reason it should stop at these two texts. By extension, every single text ever written or speech ever made could be an article into itself. Danny 01:52 Feb 13, 2003 (UTC)

Okay, I'll delete the [[United States Declaration of Independence text and we'll see what kind of fuss it causes. Mintguy

Good luck. :-) Danny

Providing they are free of copyright, source texts such as this can be moved to Project Sourceberg. I would do this myself, but I'm far too lazy. --Camembert
It just occured to me that that would be the solution, but I couldn't remember the name of sourceberg, it was ages since I looked at anything to do with it.
Sourceberg looks a bit piss poor at the moment. Is anybody actually using it? Mintguy
It's certainly very quiet, but there's a slow trickle of things that have been added recently. It's a handy place to stick texts and then link to them from some relevant wikipedia article, but certainly isn't somewhere that you'd want to browse around, at least not yet. --Camembert

I should update this - it turns out that what I linked to above is not Project Sourceberg, despite what it says there. Rather, that address is reserved for the as-yet unstarted Pashto language Wikipedia. Brion has said that source texts (or anything else not in Pashto) should not be moved there. Sourceberg remains a proposal. There is a meta page on it here, and I daresay Sourceberg could and would be set up at its own address if people wanted it to exist. --Camembert

VfD debate[edit]

Page is now a redirect to Palestine Mandate following this Votes for deletion debate. Sjakkalle 11:37, 28 May 2005 (UTC)

Mandate Revisited[edit]

I understand that there has been a vote not to have the above refered to particular document here as a full text inclusion. I was not a party to the vote, in part as I was still sort of a Jr contributor, having then only been kind of hanging around using this resource and occasionally helping out where info was requested, and didn't actually register until quite recently. However, in the light of the present troubles (July 2006) I would like to ask a couple of questions and perhaps pose a hypothetical: 1) What is the size of this document (I know I have seen it somewhere, perhaps even here, and read part of it, but I do not remember at all clearly it's size wordwise) ? 2)Why is there not at least a link to it ? (still being a bit unskilled I am still not yet doing this [linking to other outside sources] myself), could somebody who is an expert here at least provide us with a link to the 1922 Mandate of Palestine ? Hypothetical: some of us with educationss in law and diplomatic history find documents to be very very telling, one could build an entire article about it using the document as a basis. My guess is that given how quickly Wikipedia comes up when googling right now that maybe there could be a whole bunch of decision makers (or more likely their staff members) who just might have a use for this info, even a temporary post lasting only until perhaps the end of the current troubles could be a good idea.John5Russell3Finley 21:14, 18 July 2006 (UTC)