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I'm thinking that the vast majority of the time that people type in "Lei" in the English Wikipedia, they mean the Hawaiian necklace, not a Spanish city's airport code, the plural of Romanian currency, or a Chinese surname. It's also the only meaning listed on the Disambiguation page that has an actual article called "Lei" (albeit with a (Hawaii) attached). Perhaps this page could become the Hawaiian-necklace-lei page, or redirect to it, and that page could have a link at the top to this disambig page (which would be moved to "Lei (disambiguation)"). It'd be a similar situation to the article for "Apple" – it can mean an Apple Computer, but if you asked the average Wikipedian, "What is an apple?", they would give you the meaning that exists at the name "Apple". I think the same is true with "Lei". wikinick 21:21, 12 March 2006 (UTC)