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Regarding newly described species[edit]

It may seem fun to keep up with the popular press, but just remember that as newly described species, Leptotyphlops breuili and L. carlae are not yet considered valid according to the taxonomy (ITIS) that is followed in this series of articles. That's because, although these name may be valid according to the ICZN, it usually takes a while before a consensus develops among the experts in this field. That's why I've mentioned L. carlae only in the Taxonomy section of this article. Eventually, they may or may not decide to recognize these new species. If they don't, then these names will be synonymized with one or more other valid species, e.g. with L. bilineatus, and we will find ourselves merging away our articles for L. breuili and L. carlae. --Jwinius (talk) 14:24, 4 August 2008 (UTC)