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That was from memory, now I am going for Halmos... brb...

Halmos starts with linear dependence, but this should be fine.

Corrections or restatement welcome. DMD

Maybe, since we generally prefer nouns (when they are actually used) to adjectives, this should be on linear independence, if that phrase is actually used? --Larry_Sanger

I agree.

Linearly independent is used extensively, but it would be better to have the

entry as linear independence and redirect to that. DMD

I am wondering why this material is here, since it already appears on the

Linear Algebra page under Linearly Independent Vectors. RoseParks

wiki wiki wiki!

It's here because it was a link without an entry! The other page is much better,

and this page should be redirected to that one. Which means all of these comments can go

away which is ok by me. DMD----

Note someone also added this same material at the bottom of the Vector space page,

linearly independence, basis, span--the whole nine-yards again. Obviously, these were pages, I originally wrote, with some care to accuracy , development, and examples. I was just contemplating whether to go through the proof of the uniqueness of dimensionality for finite dimensional vector spaces--or just give the results--all the ways to test for a basis. RoseParks

Wiki, wiki, wiki...

Confusion reigns! At some point, the appropriate redirects will be installed,

and everything will settle down. In the meantime, it's fun to see so much interest

in linear algebra! DMD