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Didn't know the correct name[edit]

I don't know the correct name for a vandel, so I'll keep his entry here, in the hopes someone know his correct name.

Gilam (anime-only)

The Raging Flame
Status: Deceased
Stars: 3

This Vandel is the first Vandel shown in the anime. Using his monsters and his dark attacks, he terrorizes the humans of a small town. Right when he is about to kill a mother and her son using his Raging Inferno, Beet shows up and defends them. Then, Beet proceeds to defeat of Giluth's monster guards with the Excellion Blade to then fight against Giluth and his scythe. Beet is able to knock the scythe out of Giluth's hands and kill him with the Zenon Winzard.

Giluth specialized in fire-type Dark Attacks, including the Raging Inferno and the Expanding Fire. Giluth was also armed with a scythe.